If you or your child has suffered a serious health problem following receipt of a vaccine, it is very important that you make a vaccine adverse event report to National Vaccine Information Center (NVIC) . Since 1982, NVIC has operated a vaccine adverse event database which is helping to stimulate independent research into vaccine adverse events. A record of what happened to you or your child could help identify common factors which pre-dispose individuals to reacting to vaccines; find ways to prevent others from suffering the same kind of vaccine-related health problems you or your child are suffering; and may well contribute to future development of therapies to help repair vaccine damage.

Support Those Like Makena

Spreading awareness of those affected by vaccination reactions

Baby Makena (pronounced Ma-KEN-ah) was born on October 11, 1998. She was a perfect little girl with blue eyes and brown hair - a perfect child with perfect health... Or so it seemed.

It wasn't until after Makena got some of her vaccination shots that her parents noticed something had changed. Something wasn't right with their baby.

Unfortunately, Makena passed away, February, 2016 due to complications from pneumonia. She fought for 17 years battling the side effects she suffered from her Hepatitis B vaccine.

The purpose and vision of Makena’s Ray of Hope, Inc. is to provide assistance to families and their loved ones who have suffered a catastrophic medical condition. Whether it be help in advocating for your loved ones, or monetary assistance to aid in obtaining integrative treatments or equipment otherwise not covered by health insurance.

All monies raised or donated through MROH will help others who have suffered an injury or illness by helping offset medical expenses or by providing advocacy to help with insurance, etc.

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