Who We Are

In taking this journey with my daughter, I have come to learn that there are so many therapies and treatments available that are helpful with so many ailing conditions but are not recognized or covered by most insurance companies. I have also learned through the years that it takes a lot of advocating with insurance companies and doctors to get your loved one the treatments they so desperately need. This can be not only exhausting but also overwhelming to many families when their focus and time should be spent with their loved one who is ill.

The purpose and vision of Makena’s Ray of Hope, Inc. is to provide assistance to families and their loved ones who have suffered a catastrophic medical condition. Whether it be help in advocating for your loved ones, or monetary assistance to aid in obtaining integrative treatments or equipment otherwise not covered by health insurance.

We hope to take any added stresses out of the equation so that you may focus on what you should focus on which is your loved one when they need you most.

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